History Text Part 6

Steve Stackable 's brother Rolf was a rep in the industry, and also his business manager. Rolf knew a lot of people - especially athletes - and was hired as the GRIFFS marketing/rider rep. Rolf excelled in his new job, signing up top pro after top pro. “The product was excellent” says Rolf, “and there wasn't a rider out there that wouldn't wear GRIFFS. One year I think I had 90% of the riders on the line.” The list of riders who wore GRIFFS is stacked with Hall of Fame talent; Jim Weinert, Jim Pomeroy, Kent Howerton, Darrel Schultz, Jimmy Ellis, Gary Jones, Gaylon Mosier, Gary Semics, Billy Grossi, Rick Burgett, Marty Moates, and many others. Recognizable as one of the first superstars of modern motocross is another notable GRIFFS rider; the legendary Bob Hannah.