September 12, 2014

I rarely get to express the deep, deep feelings and commitment I have to this "project". To try and explain how motorcycles have influenced me, allowed me to travel the world, meet people you read about, make a shitload of money, see things I would have never dreamed of, and literally save my fucking life, would sound made up. It is neither bragging nor hyperbole to express what a ridiculously privileged journey it has been, to the point I feel guilty discussing it. But trust me, I have come farther, from lower, to higher, with less talent, and more good luck, than you can ever imagine.

That is why I did this. GRIFFS is my life's work, driven by a gravitational pull. I kinda feel I owe this to someone, or something...this is also a tangible force, one I am not able to understand, almost like a preset path. And not because I don't have the talent to do anything else....hell, anything else would be easier.

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